Sleep is one of those necessities that human beings require in order to remain healthy and alert for whatever the next day may hold. Some people don’t get nearly enough, while some end up sleeping too much. The numbers matter, but sometimes sleep can be drastically impeded upon by various sleep disorders that could cause other health and mental problems during your lifetime. Here are ten bizarre sleep disorders you may be suffering from. We’re rather terrified of nine and ten, honestly.

Sleep Bruxism

Sleep Bruxism is more commonly known as teeth grinding, and is probably one of the more common sleep disorders. Research claims this occurs due to anxiety, suppressed feelings of anger, or perhaps from stress.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is one of the more serious sleeping conditions, and generally presents itself in the stopping and starting of your breathing while sleeping. The condition can cause a stroke in some people, and loud snoring in most.

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