It is unfortunate to even think about, but some babies have a very rough start to their lives. Most people expecting a newborn child tend to be excited about the fact, but those experiencing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy tend to experience anxiety and panic, especially if they cannot financially care for said newborn baby. These people tend to take things into their own hands by doing something drastic, such as leaving the baby to be found by someone else who could take care of it better or contact the proper authorities. Sadly, these unready-mothers leave their children in odd places. Here are ten bizarre places abandoned babies have been discovered.

Airplane Bathroom

The staff of a Pacific Blue airplane from Samoa to Auckland discovered a newborn baby had been discarded carelessly within the trash bin of the bathroom. Security located the woman, who was scared of what her own mother would think.

Trash Compactor

On March 26, 2016, a maintenance supervisor discovered a baby had been dumped inside of an apartment complex’s trash compactor. The supervisor heard the baby crying just before activating the compactor.

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