National holidays are something that the vast majority enjoy. As well as being a cause for celebration, they can often also mean that people get time off work so that they get to go out with their friends and have a few drinks or spend time with their family. These types of national holidays are large established events that involve millions of people, such as Thanksgiving and of St. Patrick’s Day, yet they are relatively rare and only come around a few times a year. Don’t fear though, if you want to enjoy yourself for more days of the year there are plenty of strange and unusual national holidays that have been set up that aim to publicize odd events and behaviors.

Bolas de Fuego

Every year, Nejapa in El Salvador celebrates the festival of Bolas de Fuego. It sees those taking part soak rags and cloth in petrol before setting them on fire and throwing them around the streets. While it isn’t an official national holiday, thousands of people take part in the event that has been a tradition for more than 300 years. The flaming balls remember a volcanic eruption in the area that forced the residents to relocate to Nejapa from a nearby town.

National Punctuation Day

If you have ever wanted there to be a day where you can complain to people about their use of punctuation then you should mark September 24 in your calendar as it is recognized in the United States as National Punctuation Day. The whole point of the holiday is to appreciate how to use punctuation correctly and try to eradicate mistakes from written text.

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