Death is something very traumatizing, especially for those who still stay on earth and have to live with losing someone they love. It can also be a very spiritual, and usually also a sociable thing where people come together to mourn. How people treat their dead is one of the greatest ways to figure out new things about customs and culture as well as art and hierarchy in the society. That’s why it’s not that surprising that among all the cultures that exist, there’s also a few that treat dead in some pretty bizarre ways.

Ifugao Funerals

A native tribe from the Philippines, called Ifugao, mourn their dead by propping the deceased’s body up on a chair for a week. After that, the body is washed and prepared to be set up in from of the house so it dries out while the family stays completely away from the body. Before the actual funeral, the body gets the skin peeled off completely.

Itneg Funerals

Itneg tribes also lives in in the Philippines and has some rather unusual ways as to how they bury their dead. To prevent evil spirits from damaging the body, pig intestines are hung outside the door as long as the body is displayed for the mourning village. Alongside that, a chicken is also killed and hung next to the body. Maybe the most interesting custom of all is the rule where the spouse of the dead must sleep in a fishing net for three nights in order to escape the spirit who tries to bring death to the husband or wife.

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