Whether you are in a relationship or not, keeping it fresh in the bedroom is vital for a healthy and interesting sex life. Inspired by romantic novels, most people are willing to try new and daring things, but the truth is most of them are often not as prepared as they should be, leading to embarrassing hospital visits. The following 10 couples definitely didn’t want to become recognized with these sexually induced hospital visits, but they did!

Knife Play and Criminal Charges

How freaky are you in bed? Whatever the answer, you are probably not as freaky as Canadian couple of Catherine McCoubrey and an unidentified man, who decided to include knife play in their sexual endeavors. The male asked of the girl to carve a heart with a knife on his chest, but she pushed the knife too deep, resulting in a punctured heart and criminal charges against Catherine. Fortunately, the man fully recovered and supported his girlfriend in the court, resulting in a happy ending of only three years of probation.

Valentina, Ivan and Their Sex Trap

Kama Sutra is a book for all adult ages, but Valentina and Ivan Sokolov of Russia were too daring as they decided to try one of the most complicated sexual positions called the Indrani or ‘deck chair,’ without considering that they are both above 50 years old. They did manage to do the position, which involves the woman drawing up her knees so her feet are jammed under her partner’s armpits, but once she started to climax, a muscle spasm trapped Ivan inside her, resulting in two hours of unsuccessful attempts at separations and a couple of amused doctors.

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