There are a lot of different animals in the world known for their powerful bites, and some of those are very, very tiny and transmit a load of poison with each chomp. However, scientists have done their research when it comes to powerful bites, and they managed to share their research with the world without being bitten themselves. The one animal not featured, the Great White Shark, was not picked due to the bite power being completely theoretical. Science could not explain it. Here are ten bites that will absolutely devastate you.

Lion – 600 psi

It is no surprise that the “king” of animals is mentioned on the list. Lions are actually quite social, and cooperate together when they are on the hunt. However, their bite is the weakest of the big cats, but still powerful enough to rip you to shreds.

Tiger – 1050 psi

The tiger is known for being one of the biggest species of big cat, and is a powerful solitary hunter. They can easily reach up to 300 pounds when fully grown, and hunt their prey in the night. The bite is twice as powerful as that of a lion.

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