Employee Caused Product Recall Due to Naughty Prank

Graeme Wallace was a packing manager for BrewDog, a craft beer brand. He was annoyed that the company was called out for not being ‘punk enough’ and as a naughty prank, intentionally changed the wording on the beer packaging to read: ‘MOTHER FU**ER DAY’ and shipped it out all over UK. This caused an entire batch of cans, 200,000 of them, to be recalled. Ouch.

Employee Fired Due To His Smelly Farts

An employee of Case Pork Roll Company in New Jersey was fired because of flatulence. Richard Clem has just undergone a gastric bypass surgery which had some bad after-effects, including “extreme gas & uncontrollable diarrhea.”

The factory president was so put off from Richard’s farts because they have overtaken the smell of the pork rolls–and hence requested that Richard start working from home. The couple was not very happy with that. Hence, they filed a discrimination complaint under Americans with Disabilities Act.

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