There are certainly bad bosses — we see these stereotypes all over TV, movies and media. Nonetheless, there are also very, very bad employees. Just like employees from hell, they steal, lie, cheat and sue the companies they worked in. A lot of people do things that make you scratch your head and think ‘what the hell were they thinking?!?!’ Of course, let’s be realistic, one can’t possibly please everyone — but these employees are just stepping their boss’s toes purposely. Here are the 10 worst employees that definitely deserve a douchebag award.

Frenchman Sues Company For Boring Him To Death

A Frenchman claims that he was so bored with his job that he took it to court at an employment tribunal. Frederic Desnard said his managerial position at a perfume company was so tedious it bored him out of his mind. Between 2010 to 2014, Desnard claims that he was given ‘mis au placard’ (‘put in the cupboard’) by his company Interparfums, which means employees were given almost little to no work at all, or just menial tasks. He has demanded 360,000 euros in compensation for damages including holiday pay.

Missing For Six Years

A Spanish man was caught absent at work for at least six years after his colleagues tried to award him with a special long service award. Joaquin Garcia has been employed in a water company to supervise construction of a water treatment plant. Unfortunately, he had never appeared in the office for years!

The undetected absence was explained through a simple mix-up between the local authorities and the water company. The company thought that the local authority was in charge of managing Garcia, while the local authority thought vice versa.

The man made 37,000 euros a year and was fined with a lofty 27,000 euros for failing to report anything amiss. He has since then retired from the position.

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