This world is filled with some breathtaking countries and landscapes. If you find yourself itching to see something new, consider the destinations on this list. Whether its warm beaches, verdant rainforests, ancient temples, or the rich cultures of other people, this list will help you narrow down your choice. You can’t go wrong with any of the following destinations, for each has a unique charm, and the icing on the cake is that they won’t drain your wallet or run up your credit card bill.


If you are looking to explore a rich culture along with some rich cuisine, Thailand is your destination. And if you get tired or thirsty while trekking, don’t forget to stop by a roadside store to grab a world-renowned Thai ice tea. The country is full of history and things to see, from its assortment of historical temples, to its awesome sports like Thai boxing.


Turkey possesses a rich blend of eastern and western cultures because it lies between Europe and Asia. It also has a depth of history dating all the way back to the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Visit famous sites like Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Old Town, or Chora Church. But you definitely should check out the Grand Bazaar food market, where nearly 4,000 stores are waiting to be explored.

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