New York City is the hub of entertainment, business, nightlife, fashion, and so much more for North American’s, and even across the globe in many cases. It is a beautiful city now, but to think about what it was like forty or fifty years ago. Not only would it have been a completely and utterly different place than it is now, but it still would have been stunningly beautiful, just in a different way. This list is a compilation of pictures taken of New York City during the 1970’s, and it showcases how different life was back then, and how beautiful it was as well.

Peep Show

What’s interesting about this photo, taken in 1975, is how much of a rarity “adult movies” and “peep shows” were. Nowadays, they aren’t uncommon at all in New York.

33-Story Tower

The construction of this tower, built in 1972, was something that was just beginning to become common.

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