When you really think about it, most babies kind of look the same when they’re just born. With their chubby cheeks and soft features, it’s not always easy to distinguish one baby from another. But we’ve trawled the depths of the internet and discovered that there are some babies that are not only easy to recognize, but also look like famous celebrities.

These 10 baby doppelgängers are the spitting image of their celebrity counterparts. We can imagine they could easily be used in a biopic about their famous lookalike during a flashback scene to their infant days. Judge for yourself how similar they look.

Bill Maher

We wonder what the stand-up comedian/political commentator would say if he encountered his mini-self. They even have the exact same smile.

Chris Farley

It won’t surprise you to learn that we found several babies that look similar to the late Chris Farley. Chris himself has a certain baby look to him, don’t you find?

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