Dogs are man’s best friend. They are easily the most popular pet in the entire world, as they have been domesticated long enough to remain faithful, loyal, hard-working companions to human beings. However, sometimes dogs are a tad bit goofy and really need a bit of structure in their lives, otherwise they simply go crazy and turn the entire house into a mess. As your dog gets more comfortable – especially on a long car ride – you will notice they are better behaved and less likely to urinate or destroy things. Of course, how you do this will probably shock you a bit, as most people don’t know these simply lifehacks. Here are ten shocking lifehacks you dog owners should realize.


If your dog suffers from allergies, put old socks on each of their paws to prevent them from licking each of them raw. You can tape them using a very specific vet wrap that won’t hurt. The best types of socks are those with grips for slippery floors.


Use an old pillowcase or two in order to cover a dog bed or mat, that way when they get dirty you can simply slip them off and wash them with ease.

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