The world of social media is an entity of its own. There is so much life buzzing online, it is hard to believe that people have lives outside their digital avatars. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offer unique avenues for people to display their various skills and personalities and this generation has taken to it like fish to water. Instagram is a lively visual medium that offers an added dimension compared to other social media platforms. This list includes 10 of the best Instagram accounts that you need to follow.


This Instagram account belongs to Josh Ostrovsky, and people widely regard him to be the funniest person on Instagram. He has over 5 million followers so far and he can be caught engaging in some truly hilarious behavior on a regular basis.


‘Mydaywithleo’ is the Instagram account of Joel Strong. He likes to take pictures of regular folk and merge surreal elements in order to make them look like celebrities. He used to exclusive do this with Leonardo DiCaprio, but he has now expanded his celebrity usage.

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