Trees aren’t a topic of discussion for most people because they are just seen as a part of everyday life and nature, rather than something interesting or cool. Trees are actually very important, because without them, the Earth would be pretty much completely uninhabitable. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which we then breathe. One would assume that something so important to human life would be treated with respect and dignity, but that is not always the case. Deforestation is increasingly becoming a huge problem. One way to fight back against deforestation is to make sure that everyone knows just how important and awesome trees are.

Dead Trees

About 99% of every tree is actually dead. The living 1% is the leaves, the root tips, and phloem.

Venice Trees

The islands of Venice was actually built on top of trees. Because the trees are submerged in water, they will not rot. Minerals in the water calcify the trees into stone, making them an even stronger basis.

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