There are a few portions of the United States deemed as no-fly zones, which means airplanes are not permitted to fly overhead. In some cases, the United States government and its militaries will intercept an aircraft – either to bring them down to the ground or treat them as hostile and shoot them out of the sky in a very hostile manner. While instances like this are rare, they do happen from time to time, so pilots really need to know where they can fly and where they cannot. Here are ten areas you cannot fly over in the US.

George Washington’s Home – Mount Vernon, Virginia

Flying over Mount Vernon, which is the home to George Washington, is a huge issue with the Air Force. Due to it being a National Historic Landmark, the government enacted a no-fly zone. Aerial photography isn’t even allowed.

Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida

After the September 11 attacks on United States soil, Disney had a “temporary” no-fly zone written into a federal bill in 2003. This “temporary” act remains even today, though, for their Orlando theme park.

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