While it isn’t unusual to see animals taken away or captured by animal control agents or police if they are a danger to the public or themselves, it is far rarer for them to actually be taken into custody by law enforcement. This is for the obvious reason that it is difficult for any creature other than a human to commit a crime as criminal justice systems are usually developed exclusively for people. Combined with the fact that animals are unaware of the consequences of their actions and what exactly is and isn’t legal, it would be strange to see any of them arrested. Yet is has happened in various places around the world.

Murderous Cow

Cows are generally not seen as a violent animal, yet if they feel threatened or provoked they can quickly become a dangerous creature. This is what happened in 2005 when a Nigerian cow attacked a bus driver, knocked him to the ground and then trampled him to death. Officers then detained the animal for several weeks as they attempted to find its owner to charge both with a series of crimes.

Parrot Lookout

Lorenzo the parrot was just one of a large number of parrots who had been trained by the Columbian drug cartel to warn their drug runners when any police where approaching their hideout. The police found out about the scheme during a drugs bust and then detained the bird alongside a number of cartel members.

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