Halloween was amazing. You visited your closest Target and purchased so much candy that you had to carry not one but two baskets. Your apartment is covered in Halloween decorations like fake cobwebs, orange twinkling lights and ghoulish props that could be used on The Walking Dead set. Your Spirit Halloween costume was all the rage and you posted some amazing DIY costume photos on Instagram at your friend’s house party. And of course, you had to get your pumpkin carving on. But what do you do with your leftover pumpkins? No need to fret! We have 10 amazing Pinterest recipes that will make your friends squash their plans to come over for your delicious desserts:

1. Pumpkin Magic Cake

This fluffy pumpkin magic cake is absolutely scrumptious! The base layer is pumpkin followed by rich cake mix and topped with a soft whip cream. We’d be happy to end our dinner with one of these tasty slices. You can check out the Pumpkin Magic Cake Pinterest recipe here and the original recipe at iwashyoudry.com.

2. Pumpkin Fudge

Hmm, fudge. Let’s take it to the next level by making pumpkin fudge! This recipe yields 3 pounds of fudge and it’s a great fall treat. The marshmallow crème gives it its amazing gooey taste and it’s fun to put in other recipes. If you decide that you’ve had enough fudge, you can always freeze it. You can check out the Pumpkin Fudge Pinterest recipe here and the original recipe at recipegirl.com.

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