If we think we are the only conscious beings on the planet, then we are sadly mistaken. Animals may not be self-aware to the extent human beings are, but they are certainly conscious of their own existence and of the world around them. Through a rigorous process known as natural selection, animals have uniquely evolved over the course of millions of years and are now just as adept at surviving in their natural conditions as we human beings. The art of camouflage is a brilliant technique employed by most of nature’s creatures, and it is technique that we have adopted for the purposes of modern warfare as well. Animals tend to blend into their backgrounds in order to survive or hunt with greater efficiency, and here is a set of 10 pictures that perfectly illustrate the art of camouflage.

Butterfly In The Woods

If you were just glancing through this image, it would be pretty easy to miss the butterfly that is conveniently resting on this tree that looks exactly like the color of its own wings.

Merlet’s Scorpionfish

Animals have evolved so uniquely around the planet, that we even see species imitating complex formations such as coral. The Merlet’s Scorpionfish is a great example of this and it is usually found near the shores of the Lifou loyalty islands in New Calendonia.

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