Making the journey to school is something that the vast majority of children in western countries take for granted. They will either be transported to the school, perhaps by their parents or a specially designated bus, or even walk the short distance from their home. That isn’t the case all around the world though. For some children, school is considered a luxury that they have to face arduous challenges to get to, travelling over vast distances over incredibly tough terrain.

Kerala, India

When the school is located on the other side of a wide river that doesn’t have any bridges or roads going across it, the only way to reach it is to travel by boat. That is the case for students in Kerala, India who have to pack onto small boats as they make the hour long trip to school every single day.


Rushing down a zip line to get to school every day might seem like a brilliant adventure, but these children have to travel hundreds of feet on the steel cable without any real safety equipment or adult supervision. The school trip sees the students crossing the Rio Negro in Colombia while in their school uniforms and carrying their equipment.

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