The world feels like a small place today thanks to the impressive communication measures in place. We can fly to any location in the world, and talk to any person we want to at any point. The world has now become extremely accessible, but it was not always this way. The communication that exists today is largely due to the bravery and foresight of explorers. These brave souls traversed uncharted waters in order to fully understand the size of our planet, and meet the inhabitants of distant lands. If these stalwarts never set out to sea, we would have probably taken a lot longer to get where we are today. Here is a list of 10 amazing facts you may not know about explorers and exploration.

Grizzly Attack

Hugh Glass was exploring the Dakota region when he was attacked gruesomely by a grizzly bear. He was left for dead by his group, so he ended up crawling 200 miles to get to the nearest settlement. Talk about a bad day in the woods!

Biological Clock

In an attempt to prove that human beings have an internal biological clock, French explorer actually buried himself for two months underneath a glacier in total darkness. He accomplished this amazing feat in 1962.

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