Arachnophobia is probably one of the most common fears in the entire world. Being terrified of a spider, despite their small size and impact, is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, most people find them revolting and disgusting. Most spiders tend not to be dangerous to human beings at all, and are great are ridding gardens and homes of pests. However, some spiders are poisonous and can kill a person. The following ten, though, are more cute than anything else. Perhaps these adorable spiders can convince you not to be so afraid of the eight-legged creatures.

Elegant Golden Jumping Spider

Elegant Golden Jumping Spider, while having a weirdly proportioned body, has an incredibly adorable face. The unique color and long pair of first legs make him appear quite awkward. Females tend to be slightly larger than the males, which is normal in a spider.

Bird Dung Crab Spider

The Bird Dung Crab Spider may not have the best name ever, but its unique form of camouflage help make it slightly cute. While it may appear similar to bird-droppings, the spider brings its legs in close to its body and forms a small ball to stay away from predators.

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