There is something so utterly adorable, so totally heart-warming, about seeing an animal frolicking about and playing. It makes grown men swoon and small children squeal with joy when they see their pets having the time of their life or exploring their environment for the first time.

So are you ready to have your heart so warmed up it will met the icicles under your gutter? Here are ten of the most adorable images of animals playing around in the snow for the first time. Do you remember when your pet first saw a Winter Wonderland? If not, these images will do just nicely.

Baby Panda

This adorable little panda has a look of steely determination as they shake the first few flakes off their head. This is a spectacularly timed photo.

Tilly The Border Collie


Look at that quizzical face. Look at those curious eyes. We wonder what’s going through this border collie’s mind as the flakes fall gently to the ground.

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