When it comes to exporting products, a company must do more research than most initially expect. The item needs to meet certain country restrictions so it doesn’t violate any customs. Perhaps it might be a good idea for the company to set up an establishment so it can create and sell products directly in the country. They also need to make sure that slogans and the product name translate well in the country’s natural language. Here are some of the more hilarious fails when it comes to companies not respecting translations.

Clairol Hair Products

2006 saw the popularization of Clairol’s Mist Stick, a unique curling iron that had a cooling mist agent. When the product was brought to Germany, it translated to “manure stick.”


The popular slogan, “It’s finger lickin’ good,” shouldn’t come to a surprise that it might translate badly in other countries. China’s ended up being with the worst, with the slogan coming out to, “We’ll eat your fingers off.”

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