Music, especially rock and roll, has long taken the blame for various crimes throughout history. A lot of people, especially the authorities, believe certain genres can encourage violence amongst young adults and teenagers. They believe these people become possessed or they are listening to satanic-driven songs by artists who worship the Devil. Of course, that is completely wrong in most cases. Some murders have even been blamed on music in the past. Here are ten acts of murder blamed on music.


In 2002, 29-year-old Ronald Pituch went off his rocker and killed his mother by bludgeoning her to death using nothing but a barbell. He then sped off on his motorcycle. He claimed the devil was within him after listening to “Ronnie” by Metallica.


Tupac has long been known as one of the greatest rappers, but his music has affected people in negative ways, too. In 1994, a Milwaukee police officer was gunned down by two 17-year-olds, both of whom claimed they had listened to Tupac and taken inspiration.

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