For some actors, filming action films can be quite a challenge. Many of the films require things such as fire, jumping from moving cars and being hoisted high up in the air. However some actors don’t quite mind the extensive work it takes to create amazing action movies. In fact, many actors require and prefer that they perform the dangerous stunts themselves instead of using a stunt double. This shows that these actors take their work very seriously. Let’s take a look at a few actors who have performed their own dangerous stunts in films.

Jackie Chan

Beside his acting, Jackie Chan is respected for doing his own dangerous stunts. The actor has even broke a few bones because of his stunt performances. Chan even formed his own agency called the Jackie Chan Stunt Team that trained people how to become stunt doubles.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford performed his own stunts while filming ‘Indiana Jones’. The actor has had to dangle from helicopters and even crash into buses and cars.

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