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1,400 Employees being laid off

source: youtube

  • The youtube video of carrier conditioner disclosing it future move to Mexico currently has over 2 million views. This is a PR nightmare for United Technologies. I would advise this company to reverse this poor decision
  • bias:Trump:117924 posts in support since Oct 15,2016:Carrier Air Conditioner Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico (SHARE THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AS PEOPLE CAN RELATE - SUBLIMINALLY THEY'LL VOTE TRUMP 2 SAY FUCK YOU)
  • Some of the faces Trump is fighting for. Video of Carrier AC telling their employees "the only way they can stay competitive is to move to Mexico." Listen to the employees displeasure. MAGA
  • Member when Carrier fired all of its employees a year ago and Reddit got out its pitchforks over the video because the Ministry of Truth hadn't yet converted them?
  • bias:Trump:65509 posts in support since Oct 15,2016:Americans WILL NOT and CANNOT accept this as the new norm, we need REAL CHANGE to save our country! MAGA!
  • Anti-Trump negros lose their jobs to Mexico! Pro-Trump whites voting Trump double! Video of business moving to Mexico and firing 1400 Americans
  • The BOYCOTT of any product of Carrier Air Conditioner and United Technologies starts as of Today. Ronald Anil Reagans trickle down continues
  • Carrier Conditioner's announcement to move it's operations to Mexico just passed 3,000,000 views. Let's keep this story in the news cycle
  • 9 months ago, under Obama's watch, Carrier planned to move 1400 jobs over to Mexico. In less than one month, Trump brought them back!
  • THE VIDEO HE ALWAYS REFERENCES--Carrier Air Conditioner (part of United Technologies) Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico
  • Remember the A/C factory that was closing? Well it's not carrier announced today that it's coming back to America
  • Cameras are rolling and anger erupts as Carrier workers in Indiana find out their jobs are moving to Mexico
  • Video: Corporate Drone from Carrier Air Conditioner Informs Workers They're Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico
  • They will need help and organization!! anyone knows if they are gona do something to defend their jobs?
  • Heartbreaking Moment Carrier Air Conditioner Announces They're Moving Over 1400 Jobs To Mexico
  • Carrier mueve operaciones de Indianapolis a Mexico. Sus 1400 empleados no estan felices
  • Workers react to factory shutting down and 1,400 jobs moving from the US to Mexico
  • Carrier air conditioner (part of United Technologies) moving 1400 jobs to Mexico
  • Caught on tap: Welcome To Obama's Recovery: Carrier Moving 1400 Jobs To Mexico
  • Carrier outsources manufacturing to Mexico, replacing 1400 American employees
  • VIDEO : That horrible moment when you learn your job is moving to Mexico
  • That day when Carrier planned to move 1400 jobs to Mexico (they're not)
  • Bernie Bots Upvoting Comments on Carrier Air Conditioner Video, help!
  • Flashback under Obama: Carrier announces 1,400 jobs to Mexico
  • The video of Indy's Carrier laying off their 1400 employees
  • Footage of bourgeoisie laying off 1,400 workers
  • Thanks NAFTA and other free trade agreements!
  • Carrier announces layoffs to workers
  • 1,400 Employees being laid off
  • All the comments on this video
  • Just business as usual bro
  • Carrier moving to Mexico
  • 1400 employees laid off
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